List of Composers

This website contains "Discographies" which were generated by CLOR of the following 26 operas by Antonio Vivaldi

1713 - Ottone in Villa

1714 - Orlando finto pazzo

1716 - Arsilda, Regina di Ponto

1717 - L'incoronazione di Dario

1718 - Teuzzone

1719 - Tito Manlio

1719? - Serenata a tre

1720 - La verità in cimento

1721 - La Silvia

1724 - Il Giustino

1724 - La virtù trionfante dell'amore e dell'odio overo Il Tigrane

1725 - Gloria e Imeneo

1726 - Andromeda liberata

1726 - La Senna festeggiante

1727 - Farnace

1727 - Orlando furioso

1730 - Argippo

1732 - La fida ninfa

1733 - Montezuma

1734 - Motesuma

1734 - L'Olimpiade

1735 - Bajazet

1735 - Griselda

1737 - Catone in Utica

1738 - Rosmira fidele

1993 - Dorilla in Tempe

List of Composers

About CLOR

CLOR is an Indexed Electronic Catalogue (IEC) in which it is intended to list all recordings that are or have been commercially available of "complete" operas or of extended excerpts of operas longer than about 20 minutes, i.e. as long or longer than one LP-side. Audio and video recordings are included and the term "opera" is taken to include operettas, opéra-bouffes, G&S, zarzuelas and a few musicals as well as works normally described as operas. "Private" recordings and oratorios are not included. Although more than 14,000 recordings of over 3100 operas are listed in CLOR it is far from being complete and, of course, never will be.

All the software is purpose-written, so the search-engine is completely integrated with the catalogue, and thus there should be no "false-hits"

The following information about each recording is included, when known, title, composer, year of first performance, date of recording, orchestra, chorus, language of performance, singers and the roles they perform, catalogue numbers and the years of issue in the various formats, and references to reviews in the main Western European languages.

There are composer, title, conductor, singer, and singer-with-singer indexes by which information can be retrieved by the use of three-letter codes (the first three letters of the name or title), as well as two "browse modes" in which composers and titles are listed alphabetically. In addition, the user is presented with a series of "ordered lists". Thus, the recordings on file in which a particular singer appears may be listed in alphabetical or inverse alphabetical order of composer, title, or conductor, or in order or inverse order of the year of the recording. Also, the recordings in which the singer appears with any other singer may be listed similarly. In this way the user gets an overall view of what recordings are on file before opening the file for any particular recording. In addition to the indexes there is a general search engine will search the whole catalogue for the occurrence of any string of characters. This may be refined by carrying out further searches based on the principles of Boolean logic.

CLOR will print many of the lists and documents that it displays on the screen provided that WORDPAD or NOTEPAD is installed on the user's computer. It is also possible to send these lists and documents to wordpad as an ANSI-encoded text file so that the user can edit them and save them in another format with a name of his or her choice. Many of the lists and documents that CLOR produces may be converted into HTML-format. Thus, it will produce opera, conductor and singer "discographies". The "discographies" on this website are examples.

If you are interested in Opera "Discographies" you may also find Carlo Marinelli's "Opera Discography Encylopaedia" (ODE) and the discography in the Opera Data Base (ODB) of interest or if you prefer the printed page try "Recent International Opera Discography" Vol.23; compiled by Charles H. Parsons and published by the Edwin Mellen Press

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