This website contains "Discographies" which were generated by CLOR of the following singers

("Complete" recordings of operas and extended excerpts only - updated August 2008)

If you cannot find the singer that interests you here try the singer index in CLOR. The latest version of CLOR may be downloaded as an IMAGE file and then burnt on to CD-ROM. The entries in the singer index are as detailed as here and many more singers are listed. To find out how to download the IMAGE CLICK HERE

What is probably the largest source of "Singers' Discographies" is to be found in the pages of 60+ years of the magazine THE RECORD COLLECTOR

List of Composers

Theo Adam

Luigi Alva

Victoria de los Ángeles

Charles Anthony

Martina Arroyo

Salvatore Baccaloni

Gabriel Bacquier

Norman Bailey

Janet Baker

Fedora Barbieri

Ettore Bastianini

Teresa Berganza

Erna Berger

Carlo Bergonzi

Walter Berry

Ernest Blanc

Helen Boatwright

Kurt Böhme

Franco Bonisolli

Karl Brock

Gré Brouwenstijn

Sesto Bruscantini

Renato Bruson

Grace Bumbry

Stuart Burrows

Montserrat Caballé

Maria (Meneghini) Callas

Piero Cappuccilli

Joan Carlyle

José Carreras

Lisa della Casa

Alan Cemore

Boris Christoff

Franco Corelli

Fernando Corena

Fiorenza Cossotto

Carlo Cossuta

Ileana Cotrubas

Régine Crespin

Lina Dachary

Anton Dermota

Helga Dernesch

Cristina Deutekom

John Dobson

Plácido Domingo

Oralia Dominguez

Helen Donath

Jeffrey Dooley

Dale Duesing

Otto Edelmann

Geraint Evans

Brigitte Fassbaender

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Kirsten Flagstad

Paul Franke

Ferdinand Frantz

Mirella Freni

Gottlob Frick

Nicolai Gedda

Leyla Gencer

Nicolai Ghiaurov

Beniamino Gigli

Peter Glossop

Tito Gobbi

Rita Gorr

Josef Greindl

Reri Grist

Hilde Güden (Gueden)

Giangiacomo Guelfi

Jerry Hadley

Margaret Harshaw

Jerome Hines

Richard Holm

Marilyn Horne

Hans Hotter

Rita Hunter

Gundula Janowitz

Siegfried Jerusalem

Gwyneth Jones

Sena Jurinac

Raina Kabaivanska

Kiri Te Kanawa

James King

Alexander Kipnis

René Kollo

Sándor Kónya

Ernst Kozub

Jean Kraft

Alfredo Kraus

Erich Kunz

Benno Kusche

Richard Lewis

Ilva Ligabue

George London

Pilar Lorengar

Christa Ludwig

Cornell MacNeil

Robert Massard

Valerie Masterson

Edith Mathis

James McCracken

Donald McIntyre

Lauritz Melchior

Robert Merrill

Madi Mesplé

Josef Metternich

Kerstin Meyer

Zinka Milanov

Sherrill Milnes

Martha Mödl

Anna Moffo

Kurt Moll

Mario Del Monaco

Adelaide Negri

Giulio Neri

Birgit Nilsson

Magda Olivero

Kurt Ollmann

Piero De Palma

Kostas Paskalis

Luciano Pavarotti

Jan Peerce

Roberta Peters

Ezio Pinza

Deborah Polaski

Lucia Popp

Hermann Prey

Leontyne Price

Margaret Price

Aldo Protti

Gianni Raimondi

Alberto Remedios

Nicola Rossi-Lemeni

Leonie Rysanek

Emilio Sagi-Barba

Karl Schmitt-Walter

Rudolf Schock

Paul Schöffler

Friedrich Schorr

Peter Schreier

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Graziella Sciutti

Renata Scotto

Irmgard Seefried

Mario Sereni

Cesare Siepi

Beverly Sills

Giulietta Simionato

Léopold Simoneau

Hans Sotin

Roger Soyer

Eleanor Steber

Giuseppe di Stefano

Antonietta Stella

Teresa Stich-Randall

Ebe Stignani

Teresa Stratas

Rita Streich

Joan Sutherland

Set Svanholm

Giuseppe Taddei

Ferruccio Tagliavini

Franco Tagliavini

Martti Talvela

Renata Tebaldi

Karl Terkal

Blanche Thebom

Jess Thomas

Pauline Tinsley

Giorgio Tozzi

Helen Traubel

Josef Traxel

Norman Treigle

Richard Tucker

Hermann Uhde

Cesare Valletti

Alain Vanzo

Julia Varady

Astrid Varnay

Josephine Veasey

Shirley Verrett

Jon Vickers

Ramón Vinay

Eberhard Wächter (Waechter)

Deon Van Der Walt

David Ward

Leonard Warren

Claire Watson

Ljuba Welitsch

William Wilderman

Gosta Winbergh

Wolfgang Windgassen

Ingvar Wixell

Fritz Wunderlich

Giorgio Zancanaro

Virginia Zeani

List of Composers

About CLOR

CLOR is an Indexed Electronic Catalogue (IEC) in which it is intended to list all recordings that are or have been commercially available of "complete" operas or of extended excerpts of operas longer than about 20 minutes, i.e. as long or longer than one LP-side. Audio and video recordings are included and the term "opera" is taken to include operettas, opéra-bouffes, G&S, zarzuelas and a few musicals as well as works normally described as operas. Although more than 16,000 recordings of over 3300 operas are listed in CLOR it is far from being complete and, of course, never will be.

All the software is purpose-written, so the search-engine and indexes are completely integrated with the catalogue."

The following information about each recording is included, when known, title, composer, year of first performance, date of recording, orchestra, chorus, language of performance, singers and the roles they perform, catalogue numbers and the years of issue in the various formats, and references to reviews in the main Western European languages.

There are composer, title, conductor, singer, and singer-with-singer indexes by which information can be retrieved by the use of three-letter codes (the first three letters of the name or title), as well as two "browse modes" in which composers and titles are listed alphabetically. In addition, the user is presented with a series of "ordered lists". Thus, the recordings on file in which a particular singer appears may be listed in alphabetical or inverse alphabetical order of composer, title, or conductor, or in order or inverse order of the year of the recording. Also, the recordings in which the singer appears with any other singer may be listed similarly. In this way the user gets an overall view of what recordings are on file before opening the file for any particular recording.

CLOR will print many of the lists and documents that it displays on the screen provided that WORDPAD or NOTEPAD is installed on the user's computer. It is also possible to send these lists and documents to wordpad as an ANSI-encoded text file so that the user can edit them and save them in another format with a name of his or her choice. Many of the lists and documents that CLOR produces may be converted into HTML-format. Thus, it will produce opera, conductor and singer "discographies" in HTML and the "discographies" on this website are examples.

If you are interested in Opera "Discographies" you may also find Carlo Marinelli's "Opera Discography Encylopaedia" (ODE) of interest or if you prefer the printed page try "Recent International Opera Discography" Vol.23; published by the Edwin Mellen Press

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